Digital Helium Porosimeter

Analytical degree laboratory Equipment, used to measure Grain Volume and Pore Volume from rock samples. With the data measured by the equipment plus the weight and bulk volume of the sample, the Porosity and the Grain Density of the rocks is calculated.

The measurement principle is based on Boyle's Law for gases at constant temperature. The design of the Equipment allows an easy handling, effectiveness in the measurement and accuracy in the results. It is constructed with high quality components, offering a long lasting product, minimum maintenance and high reliability.

The Digital Porosimeter has a measurement system that is composed by two pressure transducers, a thermocouple, programmable digital Indicators, pressure gauges, 316 stainless steel connectors and flow lines and quick external connectors allowing the connection of different kinds of core Holders to make measurements at high confining pressures in samples of several diameters. Sample Holder type “Matrix Cup", for Samples of 1 ½ “ and 1" diameter x 3 "of Length, allows the obtaining of measurements at Lab conditions and is supplied with stainless steel blocks for calibration.

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  • Digital - Automated/Semiautomated

Technical specifications